The call for entries is open until December 31st, 2018. A digital product or service will be awarded. The winners will be chosen among three finalists.

This year, we award works in three categories:

  • User Experience = Customer Experience – Digital service that customers love. Submit
  • Viable Business – A digital service with a novel angle on doing business. Submit
  • Societal Influence – Service with the most impact on society. Submit

In addition to the three categories, the audience in the award ceremony will select the Best Digital Service of the year among all winners.

Submitting Your Entry

The entry submission is a case description, submitted as a set of questions and screenshots in entry form. Use your own words to make a compelling case, but please remember that the Jury will evaluate it by the stated criteria.

Submit your entries using one of the following entry submission forms.

Common rules for entries

  • The product/service must be publicly available for evaluation
  • The product/service must have significant changes between 2017-2018
  • The entry must be submitted in English, Finnish or Swedish
  • You may reuse your existing collateral as the entry, such as a case description, pitch deck or a blog
  • You may submit entry of your own business or on behalf of your customer
  • You may participate multiple categories with the same product/service
  • You are encouraged to promote your own entry – with your permission, Blue Arrow Awards will make it public.
  • Entry submissions cost 100€ + VAT each.

The payment instructions are shown after the submission form. Please have a credit card or other payment accepted by Eventbrite at hand, you need to pay the fee immediately after the submission.

Last Year’s Entries

For inspiration and advice, you can browse the previous entries.